Steam New Released Game

Marble Muse Arcade

Giá bán 63.000 ₫ Giá 70.000 ₫
A fast-paced marble rolling game where you must tilt the course to guide your marble, collect points and reach the end before the course explodes! Will you collect enough points to become the next Marble Legend?


Giá bán 12.500 ₫ Giá 15.000 ₫
The melody-based puzzle game. Enjoy listening carefully to the instrumental classics and restore all the sheet music. How far can you take your hearing talent?

Vick Scientist Chemistry...

Giá bán 18.000 ₫ Giá 30.000 ₫
Vick Scientist is a puzzle game about chemistry where you have to help scientist Vick to assemble molecules that have the atoms shuffled, out of place and missing. Assemble the molecules like a puzzle. No chemistry knowledge required.

In the House of Silence

Giá bán 109.000 ₫ Giá 165.000 ₫
In the House of Silence is a roguelike dungeon crawler RPG where your equipment is your own body parts. Mutate your body to fight otherworldly abominations as you delve deeper in the House of Silence.


Giá bán 13.500 ₫ Giá 15.000 ₫
Follow the story of Red, a young girl with a goal to deliver messages across the kingdom. Red will find and meet new people, solve quick puzzles and make small decision and choices along the way in this short adventure visual novel.

Hood Outlaws Legends

Giá bán 380.000 ₫
In a violent, medieval world, outplay rival gangs in intense PvPvE multiplayer heists. Moving in stealth to steal treasures unseen or dominating through loud and brutal combat, only the best will escape with hard-earned riches.

Mad Devils

Giá bán 169.000 ₫ Giá 188.000 ₫
Mad Devils is a co-op, arcade shooter set in a twisted WWII setting. What does an Allied special forces squad who hunt Nazi occultist do when betrayed, killed and resurrected as demons? Their job.

Color Crush 2

Giá bán 48.000 ₫ Giá 80.000 ₫
Color Crush 2 is a match 3 game where you swap and match the colors. Solve the levels making smart moves. Your next step can be deciding whether you win or lose.

Forgotten Spirits

Giá bán 120.000 ₫
Discover the secrets of an abandoned world as two companions have to work together, using their unique abilities to solve puzzles - Enjoy this 2D Adventure game on your own or with a friend.

Eyewitness Hopper

Giá bán 9.000 ₫ Giá 15.000 ₫
Eyewitness Hopper is a runner-style arcade game. Where you have to jump up and down avoiding many enemies and obstacles in your path and gain points setting new records.

Maiden Maze

Giá bán 140.000 ₫ Giá 165.000 ₫
Catch followers and explore together, Procedural generated random maze, meet various beautiful girls, and then have sex with them while fighting to obtain gold coins, then buy new clothes and weapons, and change them freely.

The Alien Way

Giá bán 72.000 ₫ Giá 120.000 ₫
The Alien Way is a high-speed platformer made in 2D pixel art.Jump from platform to platform, bypassing saws and the space abyss. Open all skins with unique characteristics and pump them in a special shop in the main menu.

Super Robin

Giá bán 80.000 ₫
It's a new crazy game again from Teen Super Titans Go Adventure.

Killer 19

Giá bán 72.000 ₫ Giá 80.000 ₫
Killer 19 is a storyboard game created by skyline studio. Its highlight is the story. Unpredictable plot, more hidden levels, waiting for your experience.


Giá bán 70.000 ₫
Wade through an ever-increasing horde of demons, using three unique weapon types and anything else you can get your hands on. Rid the world of these hell spawn and become the ruler of these lands by vanquishing the Demon King, how selfless of you...

The Warrior War

Giá bán 22.500 ₫ Giá 30.000 ₫
Try to survive in a chaotic war scenario!

The Island Combat

Giá bán 21.000 ₫ Giá 30.000 ₫
Defend your island from invaders!

The Federal Rescue

Giá bán 22.500 ₫ Giá 30.000 ₫
Rescue your father from captivity!